Russia World Cup 2018: All you need to know before your trip

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21 February, 2018
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Russia World Cup 2018: All you need to know before your trip

After 36 years of waiting, the Peruvian National Anthem will be heard in the World Cup matches again. So, if the Peruvian football fans made it to Argentina, Ecuador and New Zealand, there is no doubt that we will see them in Russia cheering the team. This is why here you have some important details that you should keep in mind so that your dream trip turns out just like you imagined it.


Every time we think about traveling, the first thing that comes to our mind are the requirements we need to enter the country without any inconvenience. Luckily, for Peruvians, Russia is a country that we can enter without visa for stays up to 90 days. All you will need is a passport valid for more than 6 months and your round-trip air tickets. .

Fan ID

An essential requirement to attend matches is your Fan ID. This is a document that you can transact and then receive physically for free after having purchased tickets for any of the matches. This card will identify you as a fan and, in addition, will allow you to use public transport for free during the World Cup period. A half-court goal!

Fan Fest

Want to see the other matches as well? No problem! At the Fan Fest, you can enjoy live games on a giant screen, surrounded by fans from around the world and with the festive atmosphere that characterizes football. These meetings will be held in different cities of Russia simultaneously. Anyway, we know that you don’t want to miss any of the matches our team will play, so book your tickets in advance!

Plus: You can read more about the Fan Fest here.


The distance between Peru and Russia is 12,643 kilometers, but we know that, for a passionate fan, distance means nothing. Depending on how many stopovers has the flight, getting to the other side of the world can take between 18 and 27 hours approximately. That’s quite long, right? But you could make the most of it and watch again your favorite series or maybe watch those movies you never had time for.


Today’s technology can do wonderful things and Google translator will be your great ally, since most Russians don’t speak any language other than Russian. However, in the tourist areas a little English is spoken. It’s all a matter of asking kindly and with our best smile.


The official currency of Russia is the ruble. For example, $1 US dollar equals 59.39 rubles approximately. Most establishments accept credit and debit card payments, which makes everything easier. However, it is always good to have some cash on hand, so we recommend you to have some money in cash just in case.


Russia has much more to offer. Make the most of your free time and take a tour by the most important tourist places such as the Red Square, the Kremlin or the Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Or if you prefer, take a river cruise on the Moscova River and see the city in a different way. The choice is yours.

So, peruvian football fan, the choice is yours. Pack your bags and don’t let go this opportunity. Let’s keep on cheering the team now more than ever. Go, Peru!

See you in Russia!

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