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We hope that you’re planning visiting Cancun soon. Now if you have your things clear enough to make this trip, this miniguide with all the tips for traveling Cancun, our month’s destination, might be helpful for you, so let’s begin!

Where is Cancun?

Cancun is located to the east of Mexico and it’s a city of Quintana Roo state. A few miles away you can find one of the new 7 wonders of the world, the archeologic complex of Chichen Itzá, so don’t forget to program a visit there too, since you’re around. You won’t regret it!

Chichen Itzá

What to do in Cancun?


Cancun offers a great variety of touristic attractions and activities for all tastes, ages and why not, to all budgets. The first touristic stop that it’s really a “must” is Cancun Spot, because is practically the symbol of the City and its visit is completely free. Take a pic next to the word “Cancun” and upload it to your social networks in a matter of seconds, because the place also counts with free wi-fi. Cancun Spot is located near the famous “Playa Delfines” in the Kukulkan Boulevard.

Cancun Spot.


If you’re on a family trip the best option for you are the waterparks like Xcaret or Ventura Park, that promises a hugh amount of fun and recommended for all the family. Also you can get some snorkel tours in the Nichupte Lagoon with guided visit in English or Spanish, where kids from 5 y/o and older can participate too.

Historical and cultural places

Cancun is a place full of history and culture. Here you can visit the Mayan Museum of Cancun, that offers themes from Quintana Roo archeology to the history of the Mayan Civilization. The best part are the prices that start from MXN$29 (USD$1.60) adults and MXN$15 (USD$0.80) children. Kids younger than 6 y/o can enter for free.

The archeologic ruins

In the same topic of archeology we recommend you to visit one of the most important and largest ruins of the Cancun, the archelogic zone of “El Rey”. The general entrance fee start from MXN$47 (USD$2.60).

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Green expeditions

If you’re looking for more nature, there’s a green expedition that you will love it for sure: The Secret River. Is considered one of the best green expeditions of Latin America. In The Secret River you will be able to travel through Xibalba, the Mayan underworld, walk through its caves and swim in the river. The tour is 3 hours and half long and the entrance fee starts from USD$79 adults and from USD$49 children. In the price is also included full equipment and buffet lunch.

Underwater tours

Cancun is also known by the great offer of underwater tours, for professionals and begginers. One of the most iconic underwater tour is the famous MUSA, where you can fin amazin surrealistic landscapes underwater. Its costs go from USD$47 adults and USD$24 children in a snorkeling tour. If you want a diving tour it will cost you around USD$95 for adults and 10 y/o kids and older.

Cancun Beaches

Let’s not forget that Cancun is a beach destination and these are the beaches that you can’t not visit:

Delfines Beach

This public beach is near the famous Cancun Spot and is the favorite of tourists. Be careful because it gets crowded over the weekends. Is located in the same Kukulkan boulevard, so is practically impossible for you to get lost finding it.


It’s considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Cancun, and also counts with an archeologic zone and eco-lodges. The entrance fee goes from MXN$57 (USD$3.00) for all day.

Isla Mujeres

A lot of people choose to stay in this island, since it counts with its own touristic attractions and services that will turn your stay into an unforgettable experience. Its sea is full of coral reefs making it a great place for diving and snorkeling.

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Marlin Beach

If you’re looking for a more relaxed enviroment this is your ideal beach. Unlike other beaches on the weekends it is not so frequented. Is located in Tepen, in the hotel zone of Cancun.

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Nocturne Life.


Cancun is also ideal for singles and offers a variety of pubs, bars and nightclubs that will brighten your nights. So do not miss the “Coco Bongo” nightclub, one of the most famous in the area. Tickets range from USD $ 140 and include open bar until 3.30 am. You can also find cheaper deals (up to USD $ 70), but you must be fast because they are easily sold out and remember, it is only for people over 18 years. There is also a lot of night tours to visit the most important nightclubs in the area, so do not forget to ask us when planning your trip.

Tips to keep in mind:

  1. Money in Cancun.

When you are in Cancun try to buy in Mexican pesos (MXN) as it is more convenient and you will save a good sum of money. Another thing that is very important about the Mexican money is NOT accepting for any reason, money broken or damaged: Mexico has very strict laws regarding the disfiguration of its currency, so if the money is damaged it will not be accepted by the merchants, exchange offices and even banks. You can also access ATMs that dispense and receive Mexican pesos, that are located mainly in the hotel zone of Cancun.

  1. Electricity in Cancun.

The standard voltage of Mexico is 110 volts. Some power sockets do not accept three-pronged or polarized plugs so you should bring your own power adapter (although you often find some of them for sale in the hotels).

  1. Temperature and ideal times to travel.

Although Cancun enjoys a nice weather because it is located in the Caribbean, it is not exempt from meteorological phenomena that could spoil your vacation. Avoid traveling between September and October if you do not want to have a rainy trip. The recommended time to travel is between April and June, as it is off season so you are more likely to find good deals to the Mexican Caribbean.

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