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Travelmax solves your travel requests with a personal touch. Get to know our agents.

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Meet our team

There are many reasons why you can trust our agents. Our specialists will advise you with their expertise in each of your requests with the personal touch you deserve. Know them here.

Malcolm Collins


Collins Family Ventures

A former published neuroscientist with a Stanford MBA, Malcolm worked in the startup and venture capital world in Silicon Valley and South Korea before creating Collins Family Ventures, Travelmax's parent company. In his spare time, he writes. Together, he and his wife Simone recently published the Amazon bestseller, The Pragmatist’s Guide to Life.

Simone Collins



Hailing from Silicon Valley with a Cambridge master's in Technology Policy, Simone specializes in managing widely-dispersed remote teams (having directed networks of 20K+ freelancers). To wind down, she writes, studies science and history, and works on The Pragmatist Foundation, a nonprofit she founded with her husband, Malcolm.

Lucy Leyva

Sr Director - Corporate Sales - Co founder

Travelmax US Team

Erika Gonzalez

Accounting Manager

Travelmax US Team

Jorge Barros

Corporate Travel Manager

Travelmax US Team

Zuly Pardo

Corporate Travel Specialist

Travelmax US Team

Angie Martinelli

Accounting Assistant

Travelmax US Team

Bryan Montoya

Accounting Assistant

Travelmax US Team

Natalia Ditolla

Group Travel Agent

Travelmax US Team

Carla Deras

Leisure & Groups Travel Agent

Travelmax US Team

Johana Carbajal

General Manager

Travelmax Peru Team

Luis Hernandez

Accounting Assistant

Travelmax Peru Team

Daniel Riccardi

Accounting Assistant

Travelmax Peru Team

Rose Centeno

Agency Manager

Travelmax Peru Team

Lily Reyes

Agency Manager

Travelmax Spain Team

Merly Azama

Agency Manager

Travelmax Peru Team

Brenda Alvarado

Corporate & Leisure Travel Agent

Travelmax Peru Team

Rosario Valiente

Leisure Travel Agent

Travelmax Peru Team

Barbara Quintanilla

Marketing Manager

Travelmax Peru Team

Sofia Zegarra

Marketing Specialist

Travelmax Peru Team

Indira Dionicio

Marketing Assistant

Travelmax Peru Team

Tania Torres


Travelmax Peru Team

If you're interested in joining us send us your Resume to hr@travelmax.com

About Us

Travelmax is a travel wholesaler and corporate travel management boutique with headquarters in Doral, Florida. We're dedicated making travel effortless and affordable for our clients, which are a mix of individuals, corporations, celebrities, nonprofits, groups, schools, tour operators, and other boutique travel agencies.

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3470 NW Ave.
Suite 880, Doral FL


Customer service support.

Headquarters phone

+1 305 269 9696

Office hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Saturdays 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Contact us from any region

1US & Canada
Headquarters Office

Toll Free: +1 866 896 9696

Travelmax's Spanish Agency line

+1 305 349 2001

Travelmax's English Agency Line

+1 407 608 5601

Travelmax’s Bilingual Corporate Line

+1 305 269 9696

Travelmax’s English Only Line

+1 202 621 2227

Travelmax’s Entertainment Client Line

+1 323 576 0997

Travelmax's Fax Number

+1 888 241 3998

2Spanish Lines
Lima, Peru

+511 411 8111

Buenos Aires, Argentina

+5411 5254 0538

Sao Paulo, Brazil

+5511 2391 2540

Bogota, Colombia

+571 381 9160

Caracas, Venezuela

+58 212 720 7789

Mexico DF, Mexico

+52 55 8526 2961

Madrid, Spain

+34 911 516785

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