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A Source of Roaming Data / Wifi for International Travel

As travel professionals, we love discovering new tools that make travel easier, more enjoyable, and more seamless. One of our favorite new finds is Roaming Man, a mobile wifi hotspot that has coverage in over 130 countries.

We love mixing Roaming Man into our clients’ leisure and business trips alike as everything is easier—whether it be handling work emails or calls or looking up the history of a particular square and posting photos in real time to social media—with fast, functional internet.

Below we’ll provide a quick overview of how Roaming Man works and our experience using it so far for those clients of ours who might also benefit.

How Roaming Man Works

  • You place an order, paying by day ($9.99 per day)
  • Your Roaming Man device (along with a charging cord, carrying bag, return label, and instructions) will be delivered to your home or office address in a 5-8 business days, or you can opt to pick up your device from a nearby pick up area or self service kiosk. (1-2 business day express delivery for $29.90 and 3-5 business day express delivery for $9.90 are also available.
  • Once you return home, simply ship the device back using the prepaid shipping label.

Why Get a Roaming Man Hotspot?

  • It provides internet coverage in over 130 countries.
  • In most cases, it costs less than hotel internet.
  • It makes it easy to use Google Maps, post to social media, and learn more about your surrounding area while you are on the go.
  • It makes working from your laptop, tablet, or laptop easy while you take cars, trains, trams, and busses from one place to the next.
  • Using a private hotspot is far more safe than using public wifi.

Why Use a Roaming Man Hotspot Instead of a Local Cell Phone Sim Card?

  • Roaming Man works in over 130 countries, so if you are on a complex, multi-country trip, you do not
  • have to worry about getting a local card for each leg.
  • Roaming Man provides unlimited data.
  • Multiple people can use your Roaming Man at one time.
  • You might want a backup to a local sim card.
  • Your phone might not be unlocked.

Our Experience Using Roaming Man Hotspots

We have personally used Roaming Man hotspots for business and for pleasure, specifically in Scotland, the England, and South Africa.

When using Roaming Man for work, our primary uses were:

  • Email during car and train rides from one place to the next
  • Skype for business calls and dial-in meetings
  • Google Maps to help us with navigation to meetings
  • Chat apps associated with our business

And we were impressed by how seamlessly our internet flowed.

When using Roaming Man on vacations, we shared its password with our family. We and our family members used it for:

  • Web searches of our surroundings and local history
  • Google Maps
  • Social media photo uploads (mostly Instagram)
  • Social media site visits
  • Personal and business email
  • Restaurant searches and visits to restaurant web pages to make reservations

With our whole family on the Roaming Man bandwagon, we often had five people using the device at once, which, surprisingly, didn’t cause many problems.

All in all, we are big fans of Roaming Man both for ourselves as travelers and for our clients. Should you be booking international travel with any of our agents this summer, feel free to ask them to work a Roaming Man hotspot rental into your trip. They’ll be happy to set you up!

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