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Self booking options and travel policy enforcement

We offer a self-service booking option that only serves inventory complying with your internal corporate travel policy or select our usual concierge service.
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Corporate contract negotiation

Should we find that your spens with any single airline surpasses a minimum threshold, we will negotiate a unique corporate contract for you.
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Dedicated support

Your team will have a dedicated travel manager from start to finish. We will be there to support you should anything go wrong with your flights.
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Better travel controls

We can apply company-wide or employee-specific policies when providing travel booking services to your team oreven help you draft a customized travel policy if you have yet to create one.
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Loyalty program management

We can set your business up for company frequent flyer programs and ensure Known Traveler Numbers and frequent flyer numbers are properly applied.
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No monthly or annual fee

Most corporate travel agencies charge a monthly fee; we do not.

Travelmax Customer Testimonials

Here are the things our customers say about us

  • Steve Smith
    I have been using Tavelmax for my business and personal travel. I am experienced and skilled at finding good prices and great rates for hotels and airfare, but Travelmax has been able to beat me every time.
    Steve Smith
  • Roxana Boggiano
    I was looking to book a trip to Europe, but I wasn't sure where to begin. A friend of mine recommended me Travelmax. The guidance, accommodations and food, everything turned out great. I definitely recommend Travelmax to anyone who wants to plan a trip.
    Roxana Boggiano
  • Minka_
    Fabulous prices and wonderful people! You'll love them taking the hassle out of your group business travel -- booked a group for us and everything was perfect. Using them for a super deal to Turks and Caicos for my personal travel now. They saved me several hundred dollars, and I usually think I'm pretty good!
  • Melina Clausen
    Nice travel company! They are very friendly and very helpful, the agents in there seem to treat their customers so well and helped them find the best deals. I would definitely recommend them!
    Melina Clausen
  • Maria de los Angeles
    We have been working with TRAVELMAX for over two years booking trips around the globe. Jorge Barros and the agency team are excellent!! They have great knowledge of the best fares available and hotels. I would recommend this travel agency to family and friends.
    Maria de los Angeles
  • Aisone Ferreiras
    Always I need to book a flight, Jorge Barros take care of it! Beside he`s an awesome man, he finds always the best deals for my trips! Thank you Jorge! You are the best!!!!
    Aisone Ferreiras
    Best Price Cruises
  • Grecia Chirinos
    When I think about traveling I call Travelmax! They always find great prices for my airlines tickets, even if it's a close date. It's so much better than booking online because there's always a real person to talk to if something goes wrong. Recommended!
    Grecia Chirinos
  • Alex Doubet
    From the beginning to the end of my trip booking with Travelmax, the service was great. I wouldn't go to South America any other way.
    Alex Doubet