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We help talent travel

Specializing in tour management and production travel, as well as complex travel for universities, government agencies, sports teams, and businesses, we offer full-service support, including itinerary development, vendor negotiation, last-minute changes, on-the-road problem-solving, and post-trip documentation and reporting.

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Exclusive Rates & Privileges

With 20+ years in the industry, Travelmax has secured exclusive contracts with major airlines and hotels that offer various perks, including negotiated, off-market prices and media luggage rates for traveling production crews, performers, and sports teams. 

Our deep industry connections enable us to escalate and solve problems quickly and inexpensively.

Your Full-Service Travel Concierge

We arrange everything from armored cars to celebrity VIP airport experiences (circumventing public spaces and security lines), tour management, venue rental, group flights, chartered transport, and private retreat organization.

As our clients' plans constantly change, we make the process seamless and minimize expense while maximizing luxury.

Strong Negotiating Power

Though our clients work with a highly-focused boutique team (real, dedicated travel concierges rather than a faceless call center), we maintain the negotiating power of a large travel management company given our hybrid wholesaler status as an agency.

Given this status, we can also accommodate travel departments who would rather arrange their own travel while leveraging our privileges.

Flexible Payment Solutions

Not able to pay for your flights immediately? No problem.

Travelmax can accommodate delayed billing cycles, bulk payment, and lines of credit, streamlining the payment process and granting much-needed payment flexibility.

This makes a world of difference for club promoters and government agencies alike!

Our Edge

As a hybrid wholesaler and travel management company, we are able to offer a high-touch, boutique experience while maintaining the negotiating power of a large agency.

In addition to helping businesses, governments, and production crews travel, we offer travel policy help, unique payment solutions, and vacation packages.