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Travel Policy Help

Reduce your company’s overall travel spend while not compromising on efficiency and comfort

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We’ll help you build a travel policy that saves you money, rewards your team, and encourages safe travel.

A good travel policy:
Reduces overall travel costs incurred by your company Rewards employees for spending your company’s funds responsibly
Encourages employee safety
Ensures proper documentation of trips and expenses

Should you like to build a tailor-made travel policy from the ground up, we will gladly work with you to ensure that no key detail has been left out.

We will then encode that policy into our travel booking processes, ensuring that your new travel policy is enforced, whether one of your team members chooses to book with the help of one of our travel concierges, or whether they book through our self service booking platform.

To kick of your travel policy development process (totally free of charge), submit your information to the right and Travelmax’s CEO will follow up with you shortly.

Should you have neither time nor interest in building a brand new travel policy from the ground up, we will—completely free of charge—provide you with our travel policy template and work with you to ensure it is customized in a manner that is appropriate for your company and team.

Once this travel policy is customized to your liking, we will incorporate it into our booking processes while working with members of your team, ensuring a seamless enforcement process.

Submit your information to the right and Travelmax’s CEO will reach out to you with our travel policy template to help kick off the process.

Whether you have a travel policy already, have our help constructing one from the ground up, or customize our readymade travel policy template, we will gladly and seamlessly enforce whatever travel policy you deem appropriate.

We understand most travel policies are nuanced, with different privileges, levels of approval, and thresholds for certain conditions being applied to different levels within the company, as well as different departments.

Our team is equipped to handle all these nuances seamlessly, both through agent-led bookings (which are managed by live agents either on the phone or via email, tex/WhatsApp, or in-person meetings) and through self-service platform bookings.

As your travel policy changes and evolves with time, so will our enforcement of it. While working with us, you need never worry that anyone is skirting the rules.

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